If your MOT is due then get in touch with us to book your vehicle in for a test. Here at our VOSA approved test centre in Neath, we perform class 1 to 4 tests while you wait. So, if you have a motorcycle, car, motorhome, 4×4, van, quad or trike, get in touch to book an appointment.

What Will Be Inspected During My MOT?

The inspection covers many features of your vehicle. Therefore, being aware of what to look out for prior to submitting your vehicle for a test can help to give it the best chance of passing the first time around. It is easy to fail on little things including faulty lights, so ensure to give your vehicle a once over first. To clarify, the test will include but will not be confined to, the following aspects of your vehicle:

When Is My MOT Due?

If you do not know when your test is due, then simply check your vehicle’s MOT status online and it will display when your inspection is due.

If your vehicle is more than three years of age then it will need to be submitted for a yearly inspection. This rule does not apply to classic cars that were registered over four decades ago.

Pre-Test Inspections

If you are worried that your vehicle will fail its MOT, then we can offer pre MOT inspections! Our technicians will inspect your vehicle and advise if any repairs are needed to get it through the test with a pass the first time.

MOT Repairs

If your vehicle fails the test, then we can give you an estimate for vehicle repairs. If it failed on something simple such as a light bulb or wiper blade, we can fix it the same day and get your vehicle through the MOT with a pass. For more extensive repairs, we can book your vehicle in for repair and retest it for free within 10 days. For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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